Wedding DJ Cardiff

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Your evening entertainment lasts for approximately five hours, that’s almost half of your entire wedding day! Our Cardiff Wedding DJ service will make every second count. We will play floor filling tracks from the first dance to the end of your wedding reception.

Wedding DJ Cardiff

With a wealth of experience as Cardiff Wedding DJs, we know your wedding venue inside and out! If you need any help or advice on what works best at your chosen venue, we’ll be more than happy to assist.

There’s a few simple questions you SHOULD ask your Cardiff wedding DJ, so let’s cover those first:

Are you a good DJ?

Yes – We can provide you with the wedding disco you dream of. We have a wealth of experience as a Wedding DJs and mobile disco providers which spans back over 15 years. We not only have outstanding music collections, but we also have a range of DJ skills which we use to make your reception fun and entertaining, we also have an extensive background in hosting events through microphone use. One thing that all of us Desire Disco Wedding DJs have in common is that we have all passed the standards test set out by the Managing Director.

What does your disco system look like?

Written descriptions don’t help all that much here. You may have been told by others that they have “amazing lighting”, “high-tech” and “state-of-the-art” equipment. Words which hold no substance. So you know what you can expect from us, here are some photographs:

Wedding DJ Cardiff

Wedding DJ Cardiff

Are you the right Wedding DJ for our wedding?

We aim our Wedding DJ services at fellow professionals based in Cardiff, Swansea Brecon and the majority of South Wales. We share our client’s desire for high quality and no nonsense services. If I hired a Cardiff Wedding DJ I’d expect them to have a stylish looking disco and great choice of music! Our clients are not looking for the cheapest DJ in Cardiff, they are looking for high quality and value. We work hard for every penny we earn, the more you pay for the service you receive, the more work it involves for us and also means the more discount we give you! – Our Experience Wedding DJ package includes roughly 800kg of audio and lighting equipment.

Wedding DJ Cardiff

How much do you charge?

That all depends on the service you require. For a classy wedding DJ service including speakers and lighting for around 50 guests, we can provide you with services starting at £350. For our luxury wedding DJ services, you can expect to pay more – Over 95% of our clients tend to pick our favourites package which includes uplighting for your venue, wireless microphones for your speeches, background music for your ceremony and wedding breakfast, a  superb sound system and a stunning intelligent lighting system. The favourites package is appropriately named as it covers the items which almost all couples desire for their wedding day.

Are you one of those old wedding DJs?

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No – We do not think an old wedding DJ is what our customers want, I’ve just turned 30 and have been a DJ for more than half of my life, the same can be said for ALL of our DJ’s. We got here by building up our experience over many years from the bottom to the top. I’ve seen many Cardiff Wedding DJs who have reached the point in their career where they think “less is more”. What that means to you the customer is that you pay more for less. I believe in value, you can be sure that no other Cardiff wedding DJ is going to provide you with a system as impressive as ours.

What type of music do you play?

I’ll play whatever you want me to play, it’s your wedding and as your Wedding DJ, we work to your requirements. If you have a playlist for us, we’ll stick to that. If you want me to do a theme night, I’ll make sure I play suited music. I take requests on the night and we work best simply playing to the crowd. If there’s any song which I don’t have, I can download music live, LEGALLY – Which brings us to the next question….

Wedding DJ Cardiff

Are you trustworthy?

Yes – if you book with Desire Disco, we will turn up early and set up well in advance of your guests arrival, – It would be embarrassing for you and us if we were setting up as guests arrived.

We do not pass on work to other Wedding DJs – If we did, everything that you have read so far would be irrelevant! All bookings are carried out by us so that the DJ you are provided with has passed all required standards tests. We are a fully legitimate, registered, legally run business who pay taxes – just like you do. Many DJ companies do not pay taxes, hold insurance, PAT certify their equipment or contribute to our economy in any way. Regardless of whether you book with us or not, please for the benefit of our economy and country – DO NOT BOOK A COWBOY DJ.

Wedding DJ Cardiff

Do you dress like you’re the DJ for a 16th Birthday party?

No, we will not ruin the look of your wedding. We’re always dressed in wedding attire, which to me means a suit and tie. If you’re having a less formal wedding or a wedding with a theme, let us know what it is and we’ll do our best to blend in with your special day and your guests. To us, the service we provide is personal and we enjoy interacting with your guests.

If you’d like to book now or make an enquiry, please call me (Matthew) on: 07432092232 or email me:


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Every wedding we work on is treated completely individually. You select the package that includes everything you’ll need and then together we tailor the music, lighting, and equipment layout. The wedding DJ service you pay for is exactly the service you want.

Let the magic begin…

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