Steff & Nicholas’s Wedding, Miskin Manor, Llantrisant 08/09/12

On Saturday 8th September 2012, Steff and Nicholas got married at the Miskin Manor just outside of Llantrisant  in South Wales. It was a warm and dry day and the bride and groom looked fantastic.

I started setting up the uplighting and disco during the day while guests were enjoying their dinner next door. When the transformation was complete, I took a few snaps then headed off to get appropriately dressed for the wedding.

The first dance was John Legend – Stay with you. All of the guests were gathered around the dancefloor then Nicholas and Steff took their first dance together as husband and wife. Providing the wedding DJ services for such a lovely couple was a pleasure.

Below are the photographs I took on the night, if you’d like them in higher resolution, please contact me via email with the image number

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