Ross & Caroline’s Wedding @ Fonmon Castle 13-04-13

On the 13th April 2013, Ross and Caroline celebrated their marriage together with a wedding reception at Fonmon Castle, Vale of Glamorgan, south Wales.

The wedding was attended by friends and family of both the bride and groom.

Fonmon Castle is a lovely estate with beautiful grounds and a very warm feeling to it, it’s very hard not to feel at home once you’ve walked through the main front entranceway.

As the guests arrived at the castle, they were greeted with a champagne reception in the grand hallway, I provided the background music and the castle provided the drinks.

During the period on the run up to the wedding breakfast, Eleanor (the photographer) did her work leading the guests around the castle for the best photograph opportunities.

Once all photographs had been taken and all guests had arrived, the guests were led to the dining room ready for their wedding breakfast. The dining room spans the full length of the castle and has views overlooking the grounds on both ends. I had already set up the wedding speech package for the post meal speeches and also the background music for during the wedding breakfast.

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The first speech after the wedding breakfast was that of the father of the Bride, as you can see in the photograph above, the table in the image is No.8, which was on the opposite end of the room to the top table, with the use of my wireless microphone system, all guests were able to hear all speeches loud and clear.

The groom’s speech came after the father of the Bride’s and it was a tribute to all family, friends and of course, Caroline. You’ll notice in the photograph above, there’s a large HDTV on a stand – this was a surprise to the groom, which was organised by Caroline and the best man Billy.

Billy was to use the TV screen to play through his visual props for his speech. As Billy required both hands to be free – one for the presentation navigation and the other for his speech notes, he was provided with one of my lapel microphones which was fitted to his tie. The best man’s speech took full advantage of the use of the HDTV and it was a great success with everyone enjoying it – even the groom!

Following the speeches, the guests had time to have a chat and get to know each other a little better before their wedding DJ entertainment began. I had been provided with a playlist by Ross, which was “corrected” by Caroline afterwards, this list contained a mixture of favourites by the bride and groom and some requests made by the guests.

I played through the playlist on the lead up to the first dance. When the time came, I gathered all guests to the dancefloor for that once in a lifetime special occasion and introduced the husband and wife for their first dance together.

Wedding DJ Cardiff

Wedding DJ Cardiff

The evening drew to a close with Caroline and Ross leaving the hallway under an archway of guests! A lovely way to end a fantastic wedding.

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