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Who We Are

We know what it’s like to go to an event or party and the entertainment is poor. It’s a boring night that you can’t wait to get away from. The reason that the entertainment was poor was that the person making the booking decision didn’t know the right questions to ask the DJ and ultimately didn’t know who they were booking.

Wedding DJ Cardiff

From a clients perspective you probably only think to ask about the type of music that’s played and whether or not the DJ has lights – I get asked those two questions more than any other.

Desire Disco South Wales is a company comprised of various DJs from across the country who have all passed the criteria which we know will give our clients the best possible night. By using us, you’ll be able to find the best wedding DJ in your area – more importantly, a DJ who will deliver what they say they will and not disappoint.

Wedding DJ Cardiff


Before we take on a Wedding DJ or event DJ, we put them to the test! We find out whether they are going to be able to help you achieve your dream of a fantastic wedding reception. Here are the qualities which a Desire Disco Wedding DJ or event DJ must have to be part of our company:

  • Timekeeping – lateness is not acceptable.
  • PLI and PAT Certified equipment – these two come hand in hand and are a legal requirement.
  • Diverse and high quality music collection – Obviously!
  • Being able to read the crowd – You’ll want a DJ who plays the right songs at the right time.
  • Interaction – When called upon, your DJ will be able to interact with your guests.
  • Appearance – DJs need to be dressed as if they are attending a wedding or formal function, not a children’s party or a BBQ.
  • Equipment – Anything classed as standard is not good enough. Our DJs have reliable and high quality equipment. Forget the phrase “high-tech”, that’s just DJ speak for “cheap”.

We also award extra points to DJs who:

  • Can beatmatch – The transition of songs from one to the next seamlessly to keep guests dancing.
  • Are efficient setting up and packing away – This makes planning easier for the venue.
  • Have DMX controlled lighting – A DJ who can use lighting to create moods at certain points in the evening by using a DMX lighting controller.

Wedding DJ Cardiff