Alex’s 18th Birthday, Pontardawe Leisure Centre, 25/01/13

On the 25th January 2013, Alex celebrated his 18th birthday with friends and family at the Pontardawe Leisure Centre. The staff had set up a stage along one of the walls where I set up the DJ equipment and lighting:

Wedding DJ Wales

UV Lighting system

The party started at 7:30pm and the guests started off the party by heading to the bar, I can’t say I blame them.

Early in the evening I didn’t have too many song requests while guests had chance to catch up with each other and get a few drinks in.

There was a photo booth present which was a great hit with the guests, I’m pretty sure everyone had at least five photographs taken throughout the evening!

Birthday Party DJ

Happy Birthday!!!

All the guests gathered round Alex to sing happy birthday (and embarrass him as much as possible!), The candles were blown out and the party kicked off!

The requests came flowing in, including a few songs I’ve never been asked for before.. “Superman” and “Court of King Caractacus”, I know whoever asked for those songs is probably reading this… They were great requests and went down a treat¬† :-D

Desire Disco Mobile DJ

Guess the song….

Birthday DJ

“Go Alex, it’s your birthday, we’re gonna party like it’s your birthday”









At the end of the night I took a photograph of Alex’s friends who made it through right until the very end. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves, especially Alex.

Many thanks,


Desire Disco

The survivors!